Professional translation requires perfect command of languages, and deep knowledge in a given field. At "Pen" Copywriting Studio, we have developed processes and approaches, which let us provide quality translations in finance and audit, law, information technologies and communication, construction and transport, agriculture and environmental protection, healthcare, tourism, education, marketing, advertisement and public relations.

We also do verification of your translated texts to assure maximum accuracy and high quality of the final document.

We work in Armenian-English-Armenian, Armenian-Russian-Armenian, and English-Russian-English language pairs.
Technical writing and localization

Writing technical documentation, including user manuals, reports, and guidelines, procedures, as well as strategies, supplementary and teaching materials requires special skills and years of experience.

At "Pen" Copywriting Studio we readily support you in writing, editing and proofreading these types of texts.

Boosting the sales of your products and services needs a variety of advertising materials ranging from flyers to TV and radio commercials, all of which contain texts – product descriptions, scripts, slogans, and many more. "Pen" Copywriting Studio creates variety of advertising flyers, brochures, website content, audio and video scripts, and more.

We also offer naming services for your organization, goods and products for market identification and conceptual substantiation.
Editing and proofreading

Any text needs proofreading even a short one like the couple of words on your visit card. A single typo might be enough to change the impression people will have about you. Inaccuracy of the structure, content and facts may hinder the proper perception of its message.

We edit and proofread to let you avoid mishaps with your texts. By the way, in case of need, we do fact-checking of your text, too.

Join in to our regularly organized trainings in technical translation, business communication, technical writing and editing, register to language courses, and learn how to make outstanding presentations. Our professional trainings might be of interest to businesspeople, specialists in information technologies, linguists, and everyone interested in upgrading one's skills in all of the above. Language courses are intended to develop writing and speaking skills.

Courses are available in your company or organization offices too.

At "Pen" Copywriting Studio we readily support you in searching for terms in a range of industries. For that simply leave us a message or give us a call by indicating the term you are looking for, the language you need it in, and your contact information. By the way, this service is free.
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